Już jutro rusza Castle Party 2018

Już jutro rusza Castle Party 2018.

12-16.07.2018 – Bolków, Zamek (wydarzenie)

Podczas tegorocznej edycji festiwalu wystąpią:

Arrm, Retro Wave Club Night, The Eden House, Monstergod, Death In Rome, Gnoza, Shining, Art Of Illusion, Past, Apoptygma Berzerk, Christine Plays Viola, Above Aurora, The Coffinshakers, Seadrake, Mortiis, Licho, The Last Days Of Jesus, Mano Juodoji Sesuo, Department, Citizen N.I., Gunmaker, Aviaries, By The Spirits, Golden Apes, Nytt Land, Leśne Licho, Vultures Industries, Traitrs, The House Of Usher, Grausame Töchter, Gothminister, Torul, Escape With Romeo, Samael, Tyske Ludder, Made In Poland, The Beauty Of Gemina, Agonoize, Project Pitchfork, Theatre Of Hate, The Eden House, Faun.

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