The Blacktones: streaming płyty The Day We Shut Down The Sun

THE BLACKTONES “The Day We Shut Down The Sun” to be released on November 21, 2017 via Sliptrick records. Here is exclusive album premiere in full! Pre-order jest możliwy tutaj.


1. Intro 03:11 instrumental
2. The Storm 03:33 Show lyrics
3. Thousand Friends 02:57 Show lyrics
4. Distorted Reality 04:14 Show lyrics
5. Memories 04:18 Show lyrics
6. Something About You 03:27 Show lyrics
7. She Knows 04:57 Show lyrics
8. I’m Not Here… 04:45 Show lyrics
9. …to Destroy 04:55 Show lyrics
10. For You


Głównodowodzący KVLTowi, fan undergroundu oraz maniakalny zbieracz płyt CD.

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