Reedycje albumów Helloween

Wytwórnia Nuclear Blast wydała reedycje albumów Keeper Of The Seven Gates: The Legacy oraz Gambling With The Devil. Albumy na CD lub kolorowych winylach można zamówić tutaj.

Tracklista Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy (2CD, 2LP):

The King For A 1000 Years
The Invisible Man
Born On Judgment Day
Pleasure Drone
Mrs. God
Silent Rain

Occasion Avenue
Light The Universe (feat. Candice Night)
Do You Know What You’re Fighting For
Come Alive
The Shade In The Shadow
Get It Up
My Life For One More Day
Run (The Name Of Your Enemy) (Bonus Track)
Revolution (Bonus Track)

Tracklista Gambling With The Devil (CD, LP):

Crack The Riddle
Kill It
The Saints
As Long As I Fall
Paint A New World
Final Fortune
The Bells Of The 7 Hells
Fall To Pieces
Can Do It
Heaven Tells No Lies
Find My Freedom (Bonus Track)
We Unite (Bonus Track)
See The Night (Bonus Track)
Never Surrender (Bonus Track)

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